02/05/2010 00:00
  2010.05.02. FRPK Főtenyészszemle, Budapest (bíró: Gröschl Ferenc és Christian Janes)  Kitűnő 1.HPJ
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01/05/2010 00:00
   FRPK Klubkiállítás, Budapest (Bíró:Christian Janes, A) Kitűnő 1. HPJ Fiatal klubgyőztes
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20/02/2010 15:35
     Champion,Bébi, Kölyök és Veterán Show, Budapest (Bíró: Szabó Sándor) Nagyon ígéretes 1. Legszebb kölyök
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Why Bouvier des Flandres?

Originally bouviers were herding cattles and did different other jobs in farms like pulling carriages and guarding territories. As farms became more modern their jobs changed. In the Second World War the breed almost disappeared.

These work dogs are  suitable for vairous jobs for example guarding, obedience, agility but they are also used as police dogs and in some places they do their original duties working on farms.

Bouviers are big, strong, even-tempered and reliable. It guards their territory instinctively, admires every family members and are patient with children. They are ideal family dogs.

The bouviers’ fur protects them from freezing cold and in hot weather too, but it needs regular grooming.

If you are considering buying a bouvier you must not forget that they are workdogs so they need regular excercises and outdoor activities. Don’t forget that this is a long-term choice for 10-13 years.